Plato DVD Copy

Plato DVD Copy 8.88

Copy your DVD movies


  • Very easy to use, even for novice users
  • Works with DVD discs and DVD files on the hard drive


  • No advanced settings for expert users

Not bad

Plato DVD Copy is exactly what its name states: an easy-to-use tool to copy your DVD discs.

The most outstanding feature in Plato DVD Copy is its simplicity: even users with no previous experience in copying DVD discs will be able to use it in no time. The program has a plain interface with no configuration settings, except for a few choices when it comes to select the content you want to copy (extras, subtitles, etc.)

With Plato DVD Copy you can choose to copy DVDs from a physical disc or a source directory, and also copy it to another directory or burn it straight away on a new disc. Plato DVD Copy can even compress contents to fit a single-layer disc.

What more advances users will miss in Plato DVD Copy is definitely having more options like frame rate selection, a range of codecs to choose from, compression method to use and so on.

Plato DVD Copy is the perfect tool for those who have never copied a DVD before, though more experienced users will miss a bunch of advanced settings.

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